Why does he reply, if he doesn't seem to want to keep the conversation going?

He'll reply almost instantly to texts (and sometimes he'll be the one to initiate texting) but he doesn't really ask questions or anything. If I ask how his day was, he'll tell me how it was but not ask about mine. I don't tend to reply to texts unless there's a question so I generally don't text back to these. The weird thing is that most of the time he'll text later, like 10 minutes or an hour later, to ask about my day etc. I don't understand what's going on in his head?


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  • Maybe he's just not good at having conversations. What you say does not mean he doesn't want to talk to you.


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  • Honestly, most women will never understand why guys text the way they do. It's unfortunate because their approach to texting doesn't make much sense and leaves us either disappointed or confused. In your case, he's probably busy with other things while he texts or he could be waiting for a response to his questionless text. Next time try responding to his previous text even if there's no question and see if he's more willing to keep the conversation going and reciprocate with questions about you.

    Or, instead of waiting for him to ask, you could take the initiative. Next time, don't start off by asking how his day was. Instead, send him a funny or interesting anecdote from your week and ask if he's ever had anything like that happen to him. Or ask for a restaurant/movie/bar recommendation - the content needs to be engaging in order for him to remain interested in it.