Who should I be with?

I am in a current relationship for 2 years, but I still have feelings towards my ex boyfriend, I love my boyfriend but sometimes we fall out and make up. haven't seen him for a year because I moved to another country. but the last time I visited I met my ex and we went out and old flames came back. I love my boyfriend but I love my ex. what should I do? my boyfriend is a good guy , but I don't want to hurt him and am confuse as to who I should be with. what should I do? who should I be with?


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  • Ask yourself, who can you not live without? Who means the most to you? Take some time to think about it, when you decide you have to follow through with that decision.


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  • just keep on pretending you love your current boyfriend you are already hurting him, give yourself a space and think over thing, check everything before you decide which one you're going to choose