What happened why did he do this?

So me and this kid have been talking and he asked me out on a date to the movies and I said yes. He asked me on Monday and today is Friday but anyways so like I got all ready did my makeup me and him are texting he asks me my adress so he could come scoop me I tell him then he never answered back the rest of the messages or even that one he just never showed or answer my texts I even said if your not coming through tonight tell me now cause I'm gonna go make other plans still no answer the last text he sent me was at 4:45 asking my address and it's now 7:10 and he hasn't messaged me or showed up or anything. Why did this happen 😭


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  • Aw... it looks like he stood you up sweetie. I'm sorry. Guys that age can be really immature.


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  • He could be nervous! Or he might I've went out with his other friends. I have been ditched many time because the person made other plans with other people.