When does dating become exclusive?

I always thought that as long as a guy and a girl aren't offically boyfriend and girlfriend, they are free to date whomever.
However, one of the guys I have been dating does not think so and believes that after a couple of dates, the relationship is real and exclusive.
What are your thoughts on when two people become exclusive to each other?


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  • I can't speak for other people all I can say is my experiences. And for me it becomes exclusive when both people agree they will be. If there's no commitment, both me and her are free to date whoever we like. However, after a couple dates like your friend says, if its going well and I want to pursue the relationship, I'll ask her to be my girlfriend/exclusive. At which point I expect us to only be seeing each other. Relationships should be about communication, it doesn't have to be hard when people actually talk and not assume :P


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  • I think is the whole thing of when starts exclusiveness is some kind of big question mark. No one knows. Is up to you.

  • Whenever feels right