Why do girls act all excited to date me and then cancel?

I don't get it. Girls, will text me saying they can't wait to go out with me and then they will cancel like 3 hours before the date. What gives? Why do they act so interested and then bail at the last second?


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  • They probably didn't want to make you feel bad telling you "no" since the beginning, they don't want to hurt you but clearly they are not interested in you, just excuses, I'm sorry...

    • She could have just ignored me, not except a date and then waste my time having to set it up and then wreck my evening by cancelling. What is wrong with you girls these days? Don't you have any sense anymore?

    • We are not all the same, your hanging with fake people, don't think of all girls being that way, and I'm really sorry they are playing with your feelings...

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  • You're getting played, homie.


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  • Truth is she's not into you i been there bro. Truth is there's someone out there for everyone just keep trying.