Could someone you love or are really interested in make you change your ''dream'' or life goal? (girl especially) ?

I met this girl online 3 weeks ago. she's really nice, and confessed me that even if we dont know each other for a long time, she's interested in me and would be open to see if we can be more than friends.

BUT, her dream is to leave england and go study and live in japan, and she's not 100% sure, but pretty damn convince thats what she wants.

Soooo, my question: do you think its possible with time, that, if she starts to really like me and we get along soo well, and i visit her before she leaves etc... do you think its possible she might change her life goal because of me?

Girls: if you met a guy that you really like, trust and you are reaaaallly interested in him, would you change your plan or goal for him?

*dont know how important it is to point that out, but she's not planning on leaving soon. Still in a couple of years.

So, do you think that she can change her mind in a couple of years, and maybe realised that she wants even more to be with me than going to japan? or no?


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  • No I won't especially if I just know him.


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  • Unfortunately no. My dreams, my wishes and more importantly my GOALS are what I pride myself on. They're what I look forward to and what I see myself doing in the future. I want to accomplish my goals and achieve my dreams. I'm determined, so once I set my sight on something, I work hard until I get it. If I met someone I really love- I'd really hope he would understand that and come with me. If not... Then he's probably not the one.

  • No I wouldn't consider changing my dreams or goals for another person. My goals are way more important to me then a relationship.


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  • I would hope that she would not change her major goasl for any guy. If you don't want her to go to Japan, then you should not date her. Nor should you abandon your life goals for some girl. You should find someone who shares your dreams or is at least willing to support them.