Guy gave me his number?

I talk to this guy on Tinder. He seems really nice. He asked me out for a drink, to which I agreed. He then gave me his phone number and said for me to give him a call.

What does this mean, as opposed to him asking me for my number?
Is there much point in calling him if we're going to meet in a few days time?


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  • Two things hon, he's either doing it my way (seeing if you have an interest and will call him) or he's shotgunning. (putting his number with a lot of people to see if one calls). You know him better than we do... what do you think it is?
    (i only give my number to someone i have a genuine interest in by the way)


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  • Maybe he gave you his number to make you feel comfortable. Who do you have felt comfortable giving your number to a stranger?

  • Give this number to nearest police station. .:D


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