How does this girl feel about me?

This girl and I have watched a movie in my dorm, and gotten lunch together twice. The movie and the first lunch were her idea. We just finished the second lunch. I think she likes me, but at the same time no flirting happens. She gives no physical signs of attraction, which makes me super apprehensive to get flirty with her. All I've done is put my arm around her and given her a hug at the end of this lunch (she didn't even give me a hug with both arms, but she was wearing a backpack). What's the problem? Am I convincing her I don't like her? She's amazing, its just that the lack of flirtation makes me super nervous around her and unable to kiss her or do anything serious. I should have asked her to kiss me today, just so I'd know, but I fucked up. Should I talk to her on Monday and tell her how I don't know what the other things have meant to her, but that I really like her and want to go on a REAL date with her? How do I fix this?


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  • i think you should tell her how u feel


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  • Next time you ask to do something with her, be sure and mention the word "date" in there. Not trying to kiss her may have been a good idea, might take her by surprise and be very awkward.