Guys: How do you feel about taking the bill?

Most men I've dated have grabbed the bill after dinner before I've even have a chance to reach, or insist it be on one bill when asked, or even getting ahead in the subway line just to say that my sub is on his bill (and of course its a meal) ... the new guy I'm dating not so much.

There's always a moments hesitation when the bill arrives and I feel as though he's hoping that I'm going to take it. I feel like if he wants my company when he's out, then he's going to have to pick up the bills. He definitely has the money for it, that's not the issue, and he knows that right now I'm a broke college student. Is this not fair?

Where do most men sit on who takes the bill?
* When I have the money, I usually insist, for the record.


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  • I feel like unless there's a large income difference, the bill should be split. In real life though, I would pay for the date unless she was persistent about it because a lot of girls find a guy not paying for a date to be distasteful and some even offer to pay when they have this mindset 'to seem polite' when they will actually secretly be upset if a guy lets them. I find the expectation that a guy pay for the date to be outdated and rather sexist. This is the 21st century, people. You are supposed to be enjoying EACH OTHERS company, it isn't one person on a date and the second person just being along for the ride. I'll pay for the date because it's something that isn't a HUGE deal to me and a lot of people just don't think about it in that level of depth. But in an ideal world, I feel like it should be split as evenly as is possible.

    • There is a large income difference. As in he makes 100K+ a year and my student loan is hardly enough to put food in my fridge.

    • Then he should pay, no doubt about it. If it was reversed, I would say you should pay. It's definitely something to be concerned about that he is so reluctant. Why is it a big deal? Does he not see a future? Does he waste boatloads of money elsewhere? Is he really that self centered or oblivious? You should be really concerned about this and jump ship at the first sight of another red flag.

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  • If it's a date , the bill's on me. I insist.
    If it's a hangout , we pay for our own part unless I don't know... the guy/gal got a raise or something.

  • If you want his company when you're out and for him to foot the bill. Obviously you owe him sex.
    Sounds totally awful in reverse doesn't it?

  • If and when I go on a date I would insist on paying for her.


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  • Most guys I go on dates with (in the early stages) tend to insist on paying, but I always offer to split; and I always make sure we're going somewhere I can afford - when I'm short on money I tend to let the guy know, and insist on a cheaper date; or he'll have previously have insisted he'll pay; and I'll buy drinks or something.
    Later on say post 5ish dates or in a realtionship, split or take in turns.