Is she serious or just playing?

To make a long story short, I was dating a gal about a year ago. Things were looking good but I got to clingy and with lack of experience at the time I failed horribly so she ended up being back with her ex. She pushed me away but then tried to talk back to me I ignored her and for those 6 months I drastically improved myself I gained experience, improved my fashion, got better looking, etc... Now we recently started talking again and she seems interested. She has been having problems with her relationship with her ex and broke it up recently and went out with me to diner. Needless to say I impressed her but I feel like she is losing her interest on me fairly quickly. And she still hasn't changed her status on FB from in a relationship to single so... Is she simply doing this to get the guy jealous since she said he cheated on her? Did she lie and simply want to get back at that guy? Or does she just want attention? I don't know myself. I am at a loss when it comes to reading girls i truly like... =/ I felt and saw that she did find me attractive and changed but... im really confused she said it herself their will definetly be a next time for us going out together but she hasn't really brought it up but she does text me daily and will initiate the conversation sometimes. Should I play it cool and just wait for her to ask me out? Or im i just a rebound or "toy" to her?


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  • There seem to be too many 'ifs' and 'buts' here, but my suggestion would be to move on from this girl and not consider her for dating anymore.

  • You should move on. This girl obviously doesn't know what she wants and from what your telling me she doesn't seem to be too interested in you, she seems to be more interested in your looks rather than your personality which doesn't work out too much in a relationship. Judging from your profile picture you must be in college, so there are plenty of other girls to go after.