Where are all the trust worthy woman out there?

I mean now a days Its hard to find a woman that will be loyal and that won't cheat on you.


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  • My fellow Spaniard!!! (I don't know if you're from Spain, or just have the Spanish jersey because you like it xD)

    Back to your question: There are many trustworthy women out there, but also many that aren't, just like with men. You can't know which one's what, that's why you gotta talk to as many as you can.

    • Like i don't get I tell her I'm interested here but she says she is two but she's talking to 4 other guys

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    • Yeah but she's playing with my feeling I asked her this morning how are you she said amazing i asked her why amazing she replied by saying because I'm talking to you , when I was asking where was she I was worried she goes why are you so jealous I told her jealous is a sign of love if there's no jealousy there's no love

    • Then tell her. She can't know how you feel if you don't tell her. If she's hurting your feelings, you have to tell her about it.


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  • I don't know. Both my ex boyfriends cheated on me. I never cheated on either of them. Loyalty isn't enough. I am a very insecure person, so maybe that's why they cheated.

    • You must be really beat down to still think it's your fault that THEY cheated on YOU. I'm sorry.

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    • @BuchitaBuchys

      Hahahah yes you caught me in somewhat of a romantic laid back mood today. I just couldn't help mself. Heheheh. It's nice seeing some familiar faces now that it's been a while since I joined gag.

      Don't worry lol I'll find something to disagree on! For now I'm off. Good nite luscious

    • @TripleAce is it cuz of cupid? Valentine's day is nearby lol
      Yea, I keep taking breaks from GaG and the internet too. Nice to see you're still around to disagree and now compliment me :p

      I'm sure you will lol Lots of people tend to disagree with me.
      Goodnight to you too :)

  • In order to find a trust worthy person, you need to be loyal to begin with.

    • I am loyal I told this recent girl as soon as I had my eyes on her no one else matters and that it was her I was planing to call mine but obvc she left me

  • Houn Dan the way that it's ALWAYS been hard to find a guy who is loyal snd won't cheat on you... Historical karma it's a bitch :p


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  • Everytime I read your description I think of that Chris brown song Loyal. Ahah

  • At our age, we deal with girls, not women. In general, don't be surprised if they don't take a relationship seriously. Also, take some responsibility. If a girl isn't loyal, I'd say majority of the time, it's the guys fault.