What to get a guy for valentines day?

Valentine's day will also be our two month anniversary so nothing big. What would a guy like?


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  • I'll break the pattern thus far and assume that sex is not on the menu that soon. ;) He will be quite happy at this stage with virtually any small gift but the more vividly it reminds him of you in particular, the more tailored it is to him as a recipient, and the longer it can last, the more he's going to like it.

    • We have had sex but that's not really the kind of gift I was going for, I want something innocent and an actual physical present.

      Could you give examples? :)

    • My apologies for having taken so long. *sheepish smile* This may or may not be helpful, but one thing that comes to my mind is a handmade card. I received one from a girl I was sweet on many years ago, and it had such sentimental value that I never did throw it away. It was fairly simple, really: a folded piece of paper decorated with magic marker and glitter, with a personal message inside and a logo of her own creation on the back.


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  • 2 months means he has not explored you and if you already had sex. Then wrap up yourself in a sexy lingerie and get a curly hairstyle that is really seducing.

  • sex lots of it some fill up some of his fantasize


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