Guys, will you hang out with a girl alone if you are not interested in her?

If you know she likes you, will you continue hanging out with her alone?

what are some things you will do to let her know you are interested vs. not interested?


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  • Well, I did hang out with this girl I liked, that liked me, but I didn't know, I found out because she was jealous of this other girl that was getting too close to me for her liking. She wouldn't leave me alone, not in the stalker way, but in the can't read the I'm not into you vibe, we became friends, but I didn't like her touching me or looking me in the eyes because she was giving of this I want you vibe that was uncomfortable. I was probable very careful to be reeeaaaally friendly and sometimes mean so she would get the hint and stop crushing on me I guess the girl I had liked had picked up on it and avoided me after that.

    • Lol, what are some of the I'm not into you stuff did you do? I'm just curious because I'm probably just as lost as that girl.

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    • Yeah that's my def of hanging out 1 v 1.... 2 people doing an activity. Is it weird to you hanging out with a girl 1 v 1?

    • Not really unless it was planned or prolonged, then it would be wierd.

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  • I personally wouldn't so not to risk leading the girl on. Not all guys are that considerate. If I was interested she'd know and I would make it very clear. Otherwise, if I sense that there is more that the girl is looking for I would let her know I wasn't interested.

  • If she likes me and I liked her back: flirting and baking food for her (if in college or something of the sort, work, etc) daily, I would also after a time so I got to know her better tell her of my feelings for her and wait for the hammer to crush me or other.

    If she liekd me and I didn't feel the same way. I would tell her something liek this; "Your a great friend and I hope to always be by yourside as you have mine, as a friend." If she cries or gets hurt becasue I'm her friend I will comfort her, but sex IS NOT COMFORT.

    I love hanging out with girls alone, becasue I feel more liek myself talkign to someone who is interesting and has a different take on life - while in the miliart I would always go off base and find people to talk with, just becasue it was another human, becasue he/she breath the same air, drink the ssame water, and have feelings and love.

  • I would, she's still a friend and if its brought up I stand my ground and say sorry but I care about you but I don't see us having a relationship.

    if I'm interested I get close and talk to her eye to eye, if I'm not interested I keep distance and talk about simple topics that end the convo easy without mixed signals being sent.

  • No.

    Maybe if she's hot.

    F*ck her.

    • Dude, you are one of the 95% or so percent that give guys the "guys only want one thing" are a jerk dude, stop ruinin the repuation of most guys in the world, GEZ

    • I don't think you should really judge a guy for saying sh*t like this. It's a total asshole move but you don't know why they are the way they are

  • Well if my leg accidentally touches a girl, I'm not going to just yank it away that's sort of rude, as sneakily as it got there is as sneakily you remove it. Guys who are comfortable with you and get in your space zone isn't doing it to be friendly, you are on his list, just not the top is what you your situation sounds like. If there's a cute girl you can be cool with that is kinda cute but your interest lie elsewhere, nothing wrong with becoming friends and getting to know the new girl, just in case? Just don't get too close or its friend zone.

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  • Brilliant question. One not too many people think about asking. They go for the hopeful "what are the signs that he likes me?" route. This is much more direct.

    I'm looking forward to reading all the male responses :)

    • I'd actually like to ask the same question: will a girl hand out with a guy alone if she is not interested?

  • I had many guys having zero interest on me hanging out with me alone, so, yeah, it happens..