Guys, will you hang out with a girl alone if you are not interested in her?

If you know she likes you, will you continue hanging out with her alone?

what are some things you will do to let her know you are interested vs. not interested?


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  • Well, I did hang out with this girl I liked, that liked me, but I didn't know, I found out because she was jealous of this other girl that was getting too close to me for her liking. She wouldn't leave me alone, not in the stalker way, but in the can't read the I'm not into you vibe, we became friends, but I didn't like her touching me or looking me in the eyes because she was giving of this I want you vibe that was uncomfortable. I was probable very careful to be reeeaaaally friendly and sometimes mean so she would get the hint and stop crushing on me I guess the girl I had liked had picked up on it and avoided me after that.

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      Lol, what are some of the I'm not into you stuff did you do? I'm just curious because I'm probably just as lost as that girl.

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      Yeah that's my def of hanging out 1 v 1.... 2 people doing an activity. Is it weird to you hanging out with a girl 1 v 1?

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      Not really unless it was planned or prolonged, then it would be wierd.