How do I ask this girl I don't know out?

I have no problem talking to strangers, even girls I don't know that I might be interested in, I'm by no means shy. But for some reason when it comes time to ask her out or for her number I literally can't do it. It just won't come out, I'm just like OK see ya and go on my way. Just can't get the balls to do it. There's a specific girl I always see in my local chick fil a I'm dying to get a date with, and I've had a short conversation with her once, but now I don't know it's like I can't approach her because I know I want to ask her out but if I talk to her and don't ask her I'll definitely hate myself. Please help


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  • Make a plan. Execute the plan. Be OK with if she says no.

  • Keep talking to her. See what she likes to do. If you have something in common just tell her you noticed her here often (chik fil a), and if she'd like to, maybe you two can go pursue other activity.