Sweet things to do for long distance girlfriend?

We will be waiting for six months until we get the chance to see eachother again. What are some sweet things to do for my long distance girlfriend? My options are limited...


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  • Send flowers, send a care package, send a hand-written love letter, send candy, write and record a song, make a video letter, make a mixtape, send her things that remind you of her. Would you look at mine please? Thanks! www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1312996-was-it-more-about-me-or-the-parents

  • Am in a LDR with my boyfriend only waking up in the morning to see an I love you, you're my world, i miss you text makes my day complete :) or a good night kiss.. hehe.. yes am simple like that.. Just knowing he has me in his thoughts day and night is enough for me


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