Am I being too harsh on him?

There is this guy who showed a lot of interest in me and is very foreword about wanting me, he really is a great guy! The only problem is he has a bit of a reputation.. He used to work where I work and people there who saw he was into me warned me that his relationships never last too long and that he was usually the one ending them, i also know he had been witb many girls.. I told him once he had a rap. And he said "why? Because I like dating girls but it never works out?". to be honest its scaring me, I don't want to be just another girl.. The thing is I feel as if someone told him about my history with guys and how it usually ends up and how many guys I've had he might also be put off a not.. So, do I just know too much and over thinking it or is this a valid concern?


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  • I don't think you should look down on him, but I doubt it's a good idea to date him. there's a reason they don't last and it's far more likely that it's him than them.


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  • The worst thing someone can do is judge someone on their past :)
    You have a right to be cautious, but build your own judgement based on what happens.. Not what has happened previously.
    Good luck!