What does it mean if I'm the only one who asks him to hang out?

He rarely asks me to hang out. I'm usually the one who initiates us getting together in person. Plus he mostly snapchats me, and text reply on the snapchat app instead of texting. What does this mean? Does he not like me? Or does he just prefer to initiate?

If a guy likes you, wouldn't he be the one to ask you to hang out?

I want to add that when I do ask to hang out he's available right away, almost immediately. And he always texts back right away..


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  • It means he won't ever ask you to marry him in 6 years.


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  • I think he just prefers not to initiate it. Maybe it's part of his personality. If he always accepts your invitations I don't see a problem, if he didn't like you he'd proably give excuses not to hang out with you.

    • Well he accepts and is available right when I am usually. He replies right away and stuff. I'm pretty sure I give him mixed signals.. but I kind of want him to ask me to hang out so I don't make a fool of myself if he isn't into me anymore.

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    • I have no idea what to say or how to bring it up.

    • Just start telling him the truth about how you felt that day, it has to be said, so say it. Say exactly how you felt and hear what he has to say. You'll have to bring it up anyway, it's better to do it directly.

  • Usually, yes, but there are exceptions. The most common being that she given me mixed signals and I'm not sure if she's really interested or not.

    • I give him mixed signals, thats for sure. I don't mean to, but I'm scared of getting too close. I want to ask him to hang out again. But part of me feels that if he really likes me, he can initiate once and a while. What do you think?

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    • But I've been initiating most of the time, he'll rarely ask to make plans. Me doing it more than once should show that I am interested..

    • Normally, yes; but it depends on how confused he is about you and what all you've done to confuse you him (some sins, so to speak, are worse and harder to forgive than other), and a number of other factors, such as how busy he is.

  • It's either he thinks he's on friendzone duties or he just doesin't see it like you do.

    • i've slept with him countless times

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  • that your more interrsted in it than him. in some cases he would be the one to ask you out. some guys aren't aggressive as others. at least he's going

    • He's always available when I ask, and responds fast. But he never is the one to initiate.

    • then it's probally his personality.

    • Weird...