Does it sound like he wants to be with me or not?

My bf has been being a jerk lately and hasn't been that loving.. tonight he was drunk n when we went to the bar he talked to this older chick who has a daughter my age. Her daughter and my bf did shit before we stated dating. Well tonight he went up to her and said hi (name). I asked him later why he went up to her cuz he never does that. He kept denying it n saying I was psyco. So he slapped me 3 times saying he was sick of my. shit.. I asked if he wanted to break up n he said yeah. I asked him if he wanted to be single. or with anyone else.. he said single cuz I can't grow up. Well we have faught many of times due to me not trusting him. and. being. a bitch. Well a couple nights ago. he started yelling at me saying he was sick of my mouth. Because for the past few months I have been talking back when he says something
Which is just how I am. But he said I never use to be like that but he n is tired of thinking im. the. boss. when he is. I just don't know what to do any more. He said he wants to be with me. if I grow up. But everything just seems. like it is my fault when he is the one that treats me like shit too but he just doesn't realize it. I'm bout ready to give up on my life. Does he sound like he wants to be with me or not? Sorry for the periods in places I'm on my phone n didn't feel like going back to erase them Lol.


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  • He's abusive. You should get out of that relationship. He obviously has zero respect for you. You should file a police report about him hitting you, seriously. You don't deserve to be treated that way. And from what I read, nothing about you seems bitchy. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Please be aware of that.

    • Well I do kinda deserve that cuz of the way I have been. It wasn't a closed wrist n it didn't leave my lips swelled but still.

    • You don't deserve that at all even if you were mean. He has the ability to control himself, and he doesn't. Just because he's upset doesn't mean he can take it out on you. That's so wrong of him.


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  • It is never ok for someone to slap and abuse their loved ones.

  • This is an abusive relationship, no man should lay his hands on a woman in a harsh or violent way. And no, you don't deserve to get hit in the face. Dump him, there's a man out there that would never even think of committing such a terrible act as low as hurting their significant other. Leave even if he says sorry, stay away from that man for your own safety and emotional well being. He's shown what kind of person he really is...