I'm scared to ask this guy to hang out, what do I do?

I've had a crush on this shy guy for the last couple of months, and I'm pretty sure he likes me (offers me rides home, we made out once, he says hi to me and will look at me a lot), but because i get so shy, i act like i'm uninterested in him. So I only see him once a week, and i chickened out the last two weeks on asking him to hang out. I was gonna see him today, but the college is shut down due to a snow storm and i won't see him til the next week again. I have his number, but we never text... i dont know, i want to ask him to hang out but i keep hesitating...

He's asked me to hang out once before but i wasn't in the city for the week, and that was the last move he made and that was 2 months ago..


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  • You already madeout so that shows he likes you back plus he asked you before to hangout so now you ask him. There is nothing to fear but fear Itself so go for it and dont look back

    • The only reason i'm scared is because everything that's happened was like over a long period of time. We made out a month after meeting, then i got all weird and shy around him. He doesn't text me, and i took it as a sign of him not being interested... and then a month or so after we kissed, we didn't talk and he asks to hang out. Like is it just because he's shy that every thing is going slow or am i just loooking too deeply into when and what he does or doesn't do?

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    • Neither of us have experience with dating. And yeah, we're both shy but he's obviously bold enough to kiss me and ask to hang out but not much has happened since. But okay, ill just take a risk and experience something out of my comfort zone... thanks

    • You are very welcome.. Just relax and dont get to high on your hopes I dont want to see you get hurt, take it slow. Godd luck with him


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  • Don't be scared. If he's shy and asked you to hang out before I'm pretty sure he won't refuse your invitation. Ask him to hang out and enjoy your time with him.

    • I was planning on seeing him tonight at a school thing, but a snow storm happened and everything is closed. I wimped out the last week on asking him out... maybe this is a sign it's not meant to happen?

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    • Well a lot of bad coincidences have occurred :( But okay, i will get to it when i see him next. Thanks so much for being so encouraging.

    • You're welcome. And good luck!

  • Keep being scared.


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