Do a lot of single guys have a lot of female friends?

I feel like I get this impression, maybe from a relationship that never became to be? Or just having female friends in general... I am not used to being with someone that has so many female friends. I mean, if you've been single a while I can imagine you'd just get them after a while.
I'm a single gal and I don't have many male friends, because they never just remain my friend really. Like they end up having feelings. I get more from my friendships with other females anyway.
But I feel intimidated to start dating a guy that I know has lots of lady friends..

And does this change at all once you start a relationship with them? I've only been in one long term relationship, and he had female friends, but I just wonder if it changes... like will they remain as close, etc? I just have learned to not expect people to change.


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  • Yes. By being single we are able to have many female friends and also unable to have many male friends. When we are partnered we can complain to our male friends about our girlfriends giving us common ground and no longer need the female friends who only want to talk about weird things that make me going SPROING! like makeup tips or that time that Greg tried to kiss her.


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  • I do have female friends but if I were in a serious relationship the nature of those friendships would change.

  • Yes. Chicks are awesome


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