Are the chances high she is a virgin (and how do I successfully get her to go out with me)?

She is in my college English class. I am assuming she is 18, maybe 19. She has a quiet and soft spoken demeanor. She behaves and talks in a really delicate and sweet manner. She wears nice clothing, sort of preppy (was wearing Hollister jeans today). She has paleish skin and sort of freckly but she is very pretty. Also I go to college in one of the most biblically minded cities in the US.

Oh and for the other part of the question. We are in a 50 minute class. It goes by quick with lots of lecture. How do I really get to know her?
Serious answers please


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  • Since you're in one one of the most bionically minded cities, there is a better chance she's a virgin. There are still many virgins in college, especially if she's only 18 or 19.

    To get with her, just ask her out. Hopefully, she'll say yes.


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  • maybe try and talk to her just before the lectures and see how she is and see if she wants to sit with u, u can offer to help with her bag/books, u could ask her for some 'help' and then gradually start asking if she wants to meet up and exchange numbers


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  • Hollister?

    She's done everything.

    • Haha why do you say that?

  • How should we know if she is a virgin? 9 times outta 10, religious chicks are the biggest freaks. And def. the ones that want the D more.

    • And you know this how? She is quiet, at least that is how I see her in class.

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    • Just because someone attends church does not mean they are Christian either. Especially in high school, it can be pressure from parents or a way to meet people

    • They were all in the late teens, to mid-late 20s. And 7 of those 8 were not virgins. The 8th was the only one that was

  • @musicbrain5 - guess who's back