Why would she write so much in text if she's not interested?

There's this girl in school I like, I got her number recently and whenever I text her about school she answers quick and responds with a lot of stuff not just Yeah or Cool. But when i switch the topic outside of school she stops responding. If she wasn't interested why would she write so much. I've had people not be interested in me before and just say short stuff like No, Cool or Yeah. She writes a paragraph of stuff so I'm confused. And If she doesn't respond to other stuff outside of school could she just be busy?


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  • There are some of us girls who like to be thorough in every text that we send, whether we're interested in the person or not. She might just be one of those girls that has a habit of giving a lot of detail...

  • Unfortunately I do this a lot and unintentionally lead people on. Often i feel guilty if i dont respond and i just want to be polite (but i also dont know how to shorten things so i write a lot). She may feel uncomfortable answering those other topics or wants to get the hint that she would rather stay on safe ground... a way of friendzoning you without coming out and saying it

  • Not enough info to really say. Maybe shea shy doesn't know what to say outside of school? Her comfort zone?

    • I see her Wednesday and plan to ask her to lunch, still go for it?

    • The worst she can say is no... So yeah... At least you will know.

    • After class I've been driving her to her car and when I asked last time she said aw really? If she wanted a ride

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