Bf not really over his ex. Should I just break it off with him and move on?

We've been dating for 7 months. He broke up with his ex 3 years ago and he's not over her. He does initiate contact with me everyday first and plans dates and stuff but it really sucks dating someone whos not over an ex. If he's not over his ex, that means he doesn't really have feelingsfor, right? Should i just break it off with him?:(


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  • Honestly girl, if it’s been three years and he’s not over her yet then chances are she has a very special place in his heart. Now is that special place legitimate? Only time will tell. Without knowing them and the actual situation, I can’t say for sure but it’s not a good idea for you to wait around. If someone isn’t over an ex, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have feelings for you, but it kinda suggests that you’re more of a placeholder and less of a legitimate love interest :/ as if you are simply holding the place for the woman he truly wanted. I’m sorry, I know that must hurt. I’d recommend backing away from this situation before you really get hurt. If someone is involved with you and they’re not over someone else then it kinda implies that you are not their first choice and for whatever reason, their first choice doesn’t want them back. But one day if they do…what happens to you and your heart? Don’t wait around to find out.


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  • It doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings for you. Although the feelings he has for you might not be as strong as they were for her... It's up to you, are you his first girlfriend since they broke up? If so, that's always rough for the next girlfriend, but it can turn into a great relationship if you give it time.

  • How do you know he isn't over his ex?

    And, just because he might have feelings for her, doesn't mean he can't be attracted to you and have feelings for you also.


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  • Do yourself a huge favor and dump him before there's more damage. Trust me. He has too much bagage, you'll end up hating him once he leaves you for her or compares you (personal experience).