Hey girls: less interested in sports, less focused on boys' body build?

I find that many gym-going girls care about boys's body build a lot, among them the gym-fanatic ones, which means they are most gyn-going, care most. Some sports event fans who do not go to gyms also sort of care about it.
On the opposite, I find some girls who are not quite interested in sports, no matter doing in person or watching sports events, are less focused on guy's body build.
I am a think guy, a little bit skinny but in healthy scale, and my last two girlfriends are all not interested in sports. One said "I never go to gym", and the other said "I never do sports".
It is also interesting that I showed my interest to two gym-going girls, but I was refused by both. Then I heard from their friends that their ex boyfriends were all strong, not necessarily bulky, men, such as shooters (2nd Amendment rocks), football players and swimmers.
So girls, do you agree with the title?
Guys, do you have similar or opposite experiences?


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  • Sometimes. And the other way round sometimes to.


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  • Not enough data "Think Guy".


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  • I think it's more to do with personal preference and less on a percentage total of females. I like certain types of sports. Not all. But Im not too intune with male body building.

  • Yes I agree with the title


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