Do men like assertive women?

In general, do men like a woman who knows what she wants and asks for it? Always done politely, though sometimes quite directly.

Also, what about a woman who calls a man out on his bull****? Would doing this make him more attracted to her, or would he be put off by if? Do you think a player might react differently than a non-player?


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  • Yes it's a great trait of her personality. Plus point.

    Hypothetical question.


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  • It depends what you mean by assertive. I've met women who are obnoxious and rude but they call it assertive and confident when it's behaviour I wouldn't accept in men either. On the other hand I've met women who can get their way and let me know what they want without the merest hint of rudeness. I prefer to know what a woman is thinking rather than having to guess.

  • may be

  • In my experience "a woman who calls men out on their bullshit" is just a euphemism for a bitch.

    • I respectfully disagree. I think "a woman who calls men out on their bull****" is a euphemism for holding another person (male in this case) accountable for their actions. It is not being a bitch. If a man called a woman out on her bull**** (holding her accountable) is he an asshole? I don't think so. He is demanding respect, which anyone-male or female-deserves.

    • Yeah, I've heard that one before. Many times... LOL.

  • Na sounds like a pain in the ass, I want a yes wifey!


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  • I'm like that, have been literally since I could talk. I always think it's very off putting, but I'm always surprised that guys always actually tell me they like it, especially players because they're not as used to it. It's not a nice trait sometimes, but people do tell me they like it. I've had some guys who were similar to me, so we butted heads, but both learned to deal with each other.
    There's a difference in think in just being rude and being direct. Or being assertive and being mean. Some people are just bitches and call it assertiveness.

    • I'm in the assertive camp, not the bitchy one! :) You are right, there is a difference. To take that a step further, some may call an assertive woman bitchy, even though the way she asserts herself is polite but firm, because our society has told women we should be unassuming and deferential. If we are not, we are automatically labeled bitchy. Thanks for answering, it was very helpful.

    • That's true. I know a woman who people used to call "mad bad and dangerous" because she dared to stand up to some people and make complaints. They hated her lol. I thought she was awesome :)