Why he thought I am virgin?

my man asked me if he was my 1st?
But i wasn't virgin... i had a bf already and been with him for 1 year.
But before i met my man i was single for about a year... but still i wasn't virgin if i already dated a guy before...
why he thought then, that he is my 1st?


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  • Sounds to me like he asked, not assumed...

    • no he really thought he was my 1st

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    • Your answers are humorous and your lack of education is seeping, your assumptions misplaced, and your bleating's more like weeping. Oh. Sorry those are adult words, I don't expect you to know them all.

    • keep entertaining me, clown. I only read ur stupid answers cuz when i am bored at least i can laugh at ur stupidness.
      I am not native English speaker, and i doubt u can speak any other language besides English , ur brain is tooooo small for that
      good luck, or bad luck i dont care
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  • Is that important?

  • Although I've dated women who had already dated another, and they were virgins when I dated them..

    • whaat

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    • The question is how he coudnt feel it... Or u guys, dont feel any diffrences between virgin and not virgin?

    • If he didn't know the difference he was stupid.. I knew were virgins by the evidence when we're had sex.. and she told me just before we did, so.. And to sheet the one question: the precious relationship she had was not very long before mine. Though I haven't had this happen personally since I was in my twenties

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  • He didn't, that's why he asked.

    • he asked bcoz he thought he did

    • I think he just didn't know and was curious. People want to know those kinds of things about their significant other.

  • Perhaps you wre "tight" or something. Just because you were in a privious relationship doesn't mean you were having sex with your previous partner!

    • i had

    • I know, but he might not have realized that. He couldn't just assume you had sex with your past bf.