Guys opening Car doors?

This guy i've been seeing always opens the car door for me but i have never had that happen to me whenever i was with a guy, i think it's really sweet, and he has manners and what not but is it werid that im getting annoyed with it? i mean at first it was on a date but now its when we got to a gas station or wherever and he almost seems to never let me do it by myself like anything, he's also really clingy guy... thoughts?


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  • Because he Googled "how to impress girls and be polite" or something, and he saw that.
    Both times I've picked up a girl, not for a date but for other things, they just walk out of their house when I drive up. I don't even have time to do the polite thing and knock on their door and open the car door for them.

    For some reason I think that girls think it's weird to open the car door for them these days.


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  • To me that stuff is a bit over the top for this day and age, Women are independent now , and have the same sorts of rights, that stuff is a little over the top I think.

  • that's what kind of man :DD


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