Taken for granted... what do I do?

I have been dating someone for a couple of years now, We broke up once before because he has a violent temper and sometimes puts his hands on me and has hit me several times. We have a toxic addiction to each other and can't seem to stay away. a couple of months ago we ended things for good and stayed away from each other for almost two months. He says he loves me and we were reunited 6 weeks ago and started seeing each other again, he says he loves me but that we can't be together until w work on ourselves. He


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  • Tell him he's gotta work on himself. No man can hit his or any girl. That's no good


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  • Get a hold of yourself! He is an abuser! That is not love. He does not respect you! You will get hurt again and that will be your fault because you didn't stay away from him. Have some self-respect. I'm being direct because you need to listen!