Does karma really exist?

My friend said karma would get me for what I did. I used to stay at my guys friend house until late at night and complain about my bf at the time. I knew my bf was going to break up with me soon because of work. This guy had been seeing my friend and he ended it with her for having depression. I ignored my friend after and as soon as I became single started seeing the guy. I'm a little nervous that my friend might be right. All of these bad things keep happening to me. It's like the universe is against me.

Anymore opinions?
Gosh, I wish karma existed for these 2


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  • "Karma" plays out over reincarnations. So it's not something happens within one lifetime.

    The world is most certainly not "fair." (In fact, if you believe that, you're more likely to do terrible things to others:

    So don't think the universe is getting back at you or anything. Rather, look for what you can do to be a better person, and let your conscience and reason tell you when you're doing something wrong (and then stop).

    • Peters right! Popular culture nowadays assumes that Karma means that actions you do in this life will affect you later on in this lifetime. From what I understand, this is completely inaccurate. In reality, Karma is the idea that your actions in this life will affect you in a future reincarnation.


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  • No it doesn't , in this world at least but there will be consequences , good or bad, no one knows.

    • If there are consequences wouldn't that be like karma?

    • Consequences of your action may not necessarily reflect your action's morality.

    • Thanks for clarifying

  • "Karma's a word. Like "love". A way of saying 'what I am here to do.' I do not resent my karma - I'm grateful for it"

  • I was a believer of karma until recently but I think its just rubbish to be honest

  • I think there is, but it's self regulated. Your attitude attracts your results. I don't think it's punishment, but I think it's your soul trying to find balance/health. Yes I think you can have a sick soul.

    • You think I'm a bad person?

    • No... I don't think your bad person, if your reasons for being with this guy is genuine attraction then there is nothing wrong with it. I just think karma exists and its not good or bad.

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  • I don't believe in objective morality, so it doesn't make sense to me because what would it be based on?