I need help with the guy im dating!!! He is worried about our age difference. Please help?

The guy I have been dating has just expressed to me that he is constantly nervous due to our age difference. I am 17 turning 18 in a few months. He is 22. I need advise on how to reassure him that everything will be okay and he doesn't need to constantly worry.


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  • check your state some states the legal consent age is 16. i live in hawaii and I'm always pulling 16 year olds.


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  • Are you in a place where it is legal?

    • I am in a place where it is legal with parental consent, and parental consent is no issue for us. My parents absolutely love him.

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    • I just want to put his mind at ease and I dont understand how I can do that :/ its hard seeing him nervous to be around me or to hold hands when family is around.

    • There really isn't an easy answer to your question, all I can really say is I think things will get better when you are 18.

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  • In my opinion.. 17 and 22? Not much of an age difference