I am emotionally attached to someone... but rationally she wouldn't be ideal. What should I do?

She can be cute at times, and i feel drawn to her. Yet my mind tells me that she can be irrational and cause trouble in future. My mind is in conflict with my heart. Any advice for such?


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  • Irrational crazy people can be fun. You are still young and probably have a few relationships to go before you find The One, so go for it. It may not last forever but who cares. Just know when to get out if things get silly.

    • Haha i've never really experienced the wild side of life yet, but i believe it could be worth a shot!

    • Exactly. Have a crazy little romance with a cool chick :)


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  • listen to your mind. hearts are fucking stupid and get you into trouble. since she's a nutjob, it's your responsibility to be rational about the whole thing.

    • Lol. That "stupid heart" is what will make you happy eventually. You mind will never get you there.

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    • @thetundrawolf lol mispelled yours too haha. Sorry

    • We're even :)

      I would say, follow your heart AFTER your instincts have aligned with it. Then you cannot go wrong!

  • I can't give you useful advice. The heart wants what the heart wants. You can just lock it up in a cage and throw the key to the sea but... you're still going to be unhappy. There is no easy way.
    There is no merit.

  • My mind is telling me no... But my body!! My body is telling me yessssss!

    Don't listen to either, just see what happens :)!

    • Haha if i listen to neither, i guess nothing will happen lol

    there's only one way to find out. She could be the one and you may regret not trying to get with her.

  • Detach yourself. I agree with Harakiri on this.


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  • My friend, you are suffering from a bad case of listening to your heart, and not considering your instincts.

    Often times our hearts come up with proposals, such as, "Look at that girl. If you will let me give you feelings of love for her, her pretty face will make you happy forever."

    Well, sadly, the heart is lying to you.

    Even though when the heart is rightly aligned with a healthy mind and soul, it produces feelings of love and adoration for your mate, it will bond you to her forever, your heart must be ignored long enough to trust your gut instincts.

    Your heart is saying she is cute and what not, and is pulling you to her, but your GUT is telling you, she is trouble! Her mind is not rooted in reality and she is way off in outer space! Being with her is only going to cause you endless heartache because she is not mature enough to learn to bend to reality, and give up her fantasy!

    My friend, only one of those things is correct. If it's from the heart, you need to be suspect of it, unless you have gotten to know, dated, and love the woman you are wooing, in total celibacy.

    That's why sex before marriage is so dangerous. It absolutely energizes the heart which will happily lie to you every second of the day about the person. Wait until marriage. Until after you know her, (Whoever she is!) after you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

    • Thanks for the opinion! The most conservative one so far, but the points are eloquently presented! Thanks! Makes lots of sense too. :D

    • It is my pleasure. I have known many men who have fallen for the wrong woman and ended up destroyed, with their innocence lost. Myself being one of them. I am only trying to impart some wisdom to you, so that you will live a long, happy, healthy life full of love, and joy with the woman who loves you.

  • "The heart wants what it wants" - Selina Gomez