Studying abroad for a year but being in a committed relationship.. Breakup or stay together?

I'm going abroad to study in Europe for my junior year of high school. I'm so excited but one thing that Im clueless about is my boyfriend. Should we break up? We've been dating for almost a 2 years now. The people that I've talked too through the company I'm going with say that it's not good to have contact with your life back home because it distracts you more from your new one and causes more home sickness. Also people Chans so during exchange. What if I come back & we're totally different? But also exchange is about rting new things and my boyfriend is pretty protective and I kinda don't want him holding me back on stuff while I'm gone. I really love him and we've been together for so long. I'm so lost on what to do.


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  • Maybe talk to him about putting things on hold while you're away? A year's a pretty long time it wouldn't be fair to either of you if you held each other back. I wouldn't fully dump him, because you guys may decide that you want to pick back up where you left off, but I would suggest taking a break.

  • you're in higb school.. id break up... but stay in contact.


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