Guys do you find it annoying if the girl texts you first all the time? Does this mean your not interested?

I really don't want to come off as annoying or clingy. In the beginning he was the one that got my number and told my friend that he was interested and texted me. He then asked me out on a date and was persistent. He told me that he had a lot of fun with me. He then asked me out again and would always text me first. This was over the break when I was home so we were really close by. But now I'm back at school and I'm always the one texting him first. I don't get him, is he just not interested now? He always replies really fast to me and keeps the conversation going. I want to hangout with him again but I just don't want to sound clingy or annoying... Is it because we're so far away? I also asked him if I was annoying him he was like no why would you be


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  • I don't mind a girl texting me all the time, what's bad is when she starts texting me than falls sleep, hours laps by than she picks up with the conversation of what we were talking about like wee hours before.

  • Maybe he got tired of doing all the things you said with no reciprocation from your side


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