Would I sound like a freak if a guy knew I ate these things?

A couple things I've eaten and wouldn't mind trying it again:

1) Fried escargots, meaning snails.

2) In my country: fried Guinea Pig and fried rabbit

3) Chicken feet

4) Rocky Oyster Mountain, which mean bull's testicles

5) Trout roe (fish eggs taken out of the ovary)

well I guess that's about it. The extreme would be trying suri worm, which I won't go that far. Yet, ironically I have already eaten snails.


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  • 1) I've eaten them braised. whatever. Most people I know have.
    2) I have not eaten guinea pig but i know it's a delicacy i hear it tastes like greasy KFC :p. I've eaten rabbit.
    3) I've eaten them. Most people I know have.
    4) I don't know if I could handle this, but don't mind you did lol
    5) Eaten a bunch of types of roe. Hasn't everyone?

    So no, basically.


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  • I know a lot of people that have eaten those same exact foods. A lot of people eat things I think is gross, but it isn't a big deal. I certainly wouldn't freak out over it.

  • Oh my, I was going to say no... but, those are VERY different dishes than what we have here in Canada... So, yes I would think it's weird, maybe just don't start a conversation with your dishes of choice xD

  • Rocky Mountain oysters are better with buffaloe or big horn sheep testicles, or maybe elk or moose but I wouldn't mind.

  • haha i love chicken feet, pig feet, and frog legs!
    girls think its gross when they find out! be cautious
    i wouldn't tell him,

  • I LOVE all roe and i would try all of those things since I'm adventurous with food


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