I caught my bff making out with my boy friend?

so today i was waiting for my boy friend to get out of basketball practice and it had been a little bit so i went and asked his friends if they knew where he was they didn't so i walked into the hall and turned the corner and there they were they didn't see me. after ten minutes he came and found me kissed me and we left i can't belive what he did he's basically cheating on me. How should i approach him about it and m best friend and she knows i date him im hurt how should i apporach him


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  • There's no "basically" about it. He IS cheating. Just mosey on up to him and be like, "Hey asshole, we're over. Thanks for kissing ___. We're over." Then you leave and never look back.


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  • Here's the thing... At the end of the day us as men are assholes, if a girl just comes at us we can't help it the real issue here is your friend. You should tell your other friends about what happened here and then let them make up their own opinion on what they should do about it they will probably side with you since nobody likes a skank like that for her to do that even if he came on to her really shows that she's not your true friend you need a new one.


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  • Dump him and end your friendship with your "BFF." He's not worth your time and neither is she.

  • Yes and dump him and leave ur bff... there is a great song about it. Cee lo green - fuck you