Have people who have gone through their entire life without dating once just not been liked by anyone of the opposite gender?

Assuming they don't sleep around either.

  • Yes, they were never liked by the opposite gender
    14% (1)25% (1)18% (2)Vote
  • No, more likely they were too shy, unsociable etc
    86% (6)75% (3)82% (9)Vote
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  • I'm a mix of both. I never could tell if a girl was genuinely interested in me and I was to shy and quiet to pursue looking for a girlfriend.

    • Yeah but you haven't lived an entire life yet according to your age profile.

    • Perhaps... but I feel like I'm far behind and never know where to start. :x

  • Too shy, but also don't pursue just anyone. I've only liked maybe 3 people, and they were always in relationships too.