How can you tell if he's just in it for the sex?

He's a really nice and sweet guy. He's not a player. He asked me out on a date and was persistent and told me he really enjoyed it. He asked me out again. We have a lot in common and there's a lot of attraction. We also hooked up and had sex a month before he asked me out, and multiple times now. But then I went back to school and we haven't really talked much. I did really start to like him and want to hangout with him and get to know him. Im going home next weekend and want to ask him to hangout. How can I tell if he's just in it for sex?


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  • Considering you've already had sex, it is quite difficult to tell. I think at this point it is just a leap of faith. Or if you explicitly define what relation you are in, as in, are you in a committed relationship now, or just dating? If just dating, then nothing is for granted.

    • We haven't spent enough time with each other to get to know one another, which is why I want to talk more and hangout with him more

    • You can kinda tell based on whether his inquisitiveness and curiosity seems genuine.


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  • you can tell, if he gets annoyed when you tell him, that you want to hang out more with him, or mention that you like to meet his parents, etc

    • I've already met his parents and I asked him to hangout again he wanted to so we did

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  • I would say he is into u. If ya had sex before dating then he prob figures he could get it without commitment so why commit if he isn't in to u? That is just my opinion.

    • I didn't even think of that! Thank you! Now I'm just wondering why he doesn't try to talk to me first