Should I ask out my sister's teacher?

I have become friends with a girl that I found out is one of my little sister's teachers. (my sister is in high school) after getting to know her I've realized that she is everything that I am looking for in a girlfriend, however she is my sister's teacher. That makes me wonder if starting a relationship with her while she is teaching my sister is inappropriate, or in bad form.


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  • There isn't too many more months left of the school year here, dear, and being you have already gotten to 'Become friends' with 'My little sister's teacher,' go lite and semi sweet for now, going slow with the flow, nurturing and nursing this friendship for the time being just to see where it Might go.
    Talk to your friend, talk to your sis and make sure everyone is on the same page as far as "teacher's pet' goes and flows.
    Keep everything cool, koshore for sure and when school gets out, the last bell rings in May or June, then you and the teach would have passed the test to see if there is More in Store when She is no longer sis's teacher and... you still may have a chance with romance Because-----She is everything I am looking for in a girlfriend.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, and blessings for this year.:)) xxoo


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  • why should it be bad? if i was your sis, i'd be fine with it. ask her out :-)

  • Don't go there!!!