Are you the "studies are my priority, im not looking for a relationship right now" kind of person?

I'm wondering if these people still exist because I find it rare to hear someone say that. I admire those kind of people who can discipline themselves but do you sometimes feel like maybe you're letting the chance of having that someone special slip away?


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  • I am studies and my schoolwork and my grades of course are my priority right now. I'm trying to finish my junior year of high school so I can graduate on time next year. I'm not really looking for a relationship right now, I mean I have friends but none of them really interest me. I'm not dating again until college.

    • Ah I see but why do you think college would be a good time to date if its even more difficult than highschool and you will surely have more resposibilities?

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    • Exactly which is why I took a break. I'm just ready to finish high school and go on with my career.


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  • I was, and after graduating I struggled to meet people outside of work. Still do. I'd be single still had it not been for a chance friend invite on Facebook from a lovely young woman I would otherwise never have met.

  • I was that person during College. :)


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  • I was kinda of like that in school