Do you think me and this girl are in the same league?

So I dated this girl for a little over a month during the summer but we ended up breaking up and she said a bunch of stuff that I felt sort of lead up to "I don't like you because you're just a typical Lacrosse player." But I also kind of felt like she maybe didn't think I was hot so my question is do you think me and this girl are in the same league or do you think she's way out of my league?

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  • First of all, you are in no way ugly. Trust me, US ugly people can tell. As well, it could be more of your attitude, or she just straight out doesn't have feelings. It could even be there is someone else, all in all, I'd work more towards being friendly. You can always tell if someone likes you if you really think about it after talkingto them, not during as you bmmay be in a moment. I don't believe in leagues, but that's probably because a, I have never dated anyone and b, I am a socially incapable ugly knit

    • But so you think I'm a good looking guy though and you think we're both in the same league?

    • You look fine, and I just said I don't believe in leagues. How someone accepts you doesn't depend on how you look, it depends on how you act. I'd really think about that.


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  • I'd say that she is juuuuust a tiny bit above your league, but that might be because of makeup. Without makeup, you'd definitely be in the same league.

    • What would you rate her compared to me?

  • You guys are in the same league

  • You guys are in the same league. ^^

  • You are both cute

  • Same league. You look like soul mates.

    • That breaks my heart tbh because she broke up with me and I still miss her so much :'(

    • Forget it. You're not soul mates.

    • Lol thanks ;)

What Guys Said 2

  • Not a fan of the word "league." I never believed in it nor should you my friend. Although, I would say you two are in the same... grr... league... A man or a woman creates their own destiny. My father came to the USA with $18 in his pocket and became very successful after working very hard. He also married my mother who was part of the upper class while he was in the lower class. Together they worked hard to become successful. Bottom line, league is irrelevant... success comes to those who work for it in the right and smart way...

    • Yeah, by league, he doesn't so much mean social class.

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    • My bad... I meant it more towards a generalized view not only by looks or class... Let me rephrase: I meant that your looks alone don't determine whether you get the girl or success in general. It may have changed but when I was in high school, league had to do with a number of factors such as wealth, looks, and popularity.. my fault though...

    • No worries man just in this instance I'm more concerned whether or not she was way hotter than I was

  • Meh, if you guys are a match and you both like each other then why not?

    I've always hated that he/she's out of your league statement as if everything is about physical attraction. There have been very attractive girls that I have a lot in common with and very attractive girls I have nothing in common with or don't connect with. I mean yes physical attraction does matter to an extent but saying someone's out of your league is belittling yourself as if you don't deserve a person.

    • Do you think me and that girl were about even in levels of hotness though because like I'm just wondering, I don't think I'm an ugly guy by any stretch but I was just wondering if people thought she was waaay hotter than eye or vice versa

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    • I guess that's true it's just I think about everything that happened between us and I can't see what went wrong ya know...
      And thanks man means a lot.

    • I guess to put it in better perspective, I use okcupid and there's a like feature which means if someone likes you, they liked your pictures. If I liked the girl, I'd message her but if she didn't reply it was something about my message she didn't like or found it boring. Appearance wasn't the issue,