Seriously, am I just THAT damn undesirable?

Am I that undesirable where NO ONE wants to even give me a chance in regards to dating or relationships. Its as if God wants me to spend my life alone, then die alone. I don't think I'm that bad of a person to where I've been put on some kind of social blacklist or something. I don't think I'm that bad looking; 5'7, 150lbs decent amount of toned muscle. The thing is I have NO teeth due to a car accident, and I get SSI due to extreme social anxiety and depression. Honestly I just want a woman to talk to and love me for me, bc I'll do the same. I've tried the nightclub/bar scene (never get past the front door) I've tried striking up friendly conversations with random people (they either ignore me or move away from me) I've tried online dating only to have admin delete my photo/profile (i guess men must be THIS good looking to join)... this is not a pity party or a poor me attitude. I honestly don't know what im doing wrong. I've tried asking (what few) female friends i have to introduce me to their girlfriends only for them to go "sure", then laugh behind my back, and set those same girlfriends up with other guys as if to spite me. Im seriously considering suicide/murder bc im so goddamn lonely. The only reason I've posted anonymously is bc i dont need any more jokes or insults...


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  • One of the things I've come to understand about women is that if you're not what they want (that being tall, buff, nice hair, etc)
    Then you won't have much luck especially in the bar and club scenes where woman are more shallow then men. I think we as men have to become the best version of ourselves before we can offer that to a potential mate. And if we still have no luck with women we automatically think it has something to do with us. When in all actuality it's them. Don't think that there's something wrong with you. Women are very picky when it comes to men. So if you don't fit their ideal guy then it just will never work. I realize you've had things happen to you but in the words of Les Brown, "Forget about your past make the rest of your life the best of your life."
    Whether that's with a woman who loves you for you or a life with a feast of great friends that keep you going. We don't need woman and they don't exactly need us apparently. So I say just focus on you. Become the strongest version of yourself. Start a revolution. Become the greatest man you can be. Good luck brother.


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  • Please please please don't kill yourself!
    I think the teeth are a turn off
    Luckily, you an get some dentures and nobody will know :)
    I'm sure once you have some teeth you will get more attention
    Once you and a girl are very close them tell her you don't have teeth

  • You don't have teeth?

    • That what the man said.

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    • Yes I would. I would gladly take an average looking woman with a beautiful personality than a beautiful woman with a shitty personality. Besides, can you say GUMJOB?

    • Do you have a hard time speaking? Usually that'll happen with no teeth.

  • I find it hard to believe that your dating profile was deleted, unless you got reported multiple time for being a creep. But I've had guys report me just because I turned them down. It happens. Yes, it sucks, but the not having teeth might be whats hurting your game. Why not get implants or a denture? The anxiety may be hurting your game too, as most women only want confident men. Getting a good GF does have a lot to do with confidence and self image. If you don't love yourself, it's going to be hard to find someone else who will. I hope not to upset you more, I'm just trying to be honest. I wish I could do more for you.

    • Define "creep" please. One thing I've learned is the difference between being a creep and being a flirt is how attractive the man is... I didn't do anything, I create the profile, post a pic, wait for admin's approval and get deleted.

    • It's different in everyone's book. No taking rejection and resorting to begging/bargaining, being too forward too soon, and asking something too personal too soon are the usual reasons. Which sites are you using? I've found that the men on POF tend to be more desperate/creepy, but it's the women over on OKCupid.

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  • The only person who would insult you is a big jerk. I don't know why everybody passes you bye. But if they act like jerks to you then its probably not someone you would want to be with anyway. Things will get better. Today's pain is tomorrow's strength. I hope you fond the perfect person who doesn't care about how you look. And loves you for your personality. Good luck!

  • Nah dude. I'm good looking and I get lonely. The whole dating/social dynamics scene today can be all jacked up and has lead me through some bad bouts of depression. Pick yourself up man and keep trying to do your best. Don't just check out, give up, or write yourself off. A lot of that stuff in your head that makes you feel left out is just that, in your head. I would recommend getting dentures if you have no teeth though. You have to do your best.

  • People are shallow.