Are "friend with benefits" and "casual dating" the same basic thing?

A female friend of mine got into a casual thing with someone. Wondering if its the same thing? Is it something to start small before getting serious or just to have company in the meantime until they find the right partners?


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  • Friends with benefits is a tricky thing, it can be taken as primarily a friendship with a sexual element, or a purely sexual relationship (not really a friendship). Regardless it's implication is that it's not a typical relationship and it won't get serious.

    Casual dating isn't the same thing, it's more about getting to know someone through dating, but understanding that there is no commitment yet and you both can still date other people. Usually casual dating is just normal dating but one or both people involved are wary of commitment and so no labels are to be put on.

    That being said, everyone will have their own definition of either classification, so your female friend my view them as the same thing.


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  • I think 'casual dating' is a euphenism, for friends with benefits , yeah. And friends with benefits is a euphenism for.. fckbuddies, lmfao. I don't know. Tbh I'd just get to the point and say friends with benefits, don't beat around the bush. We're fucking but we're not a couple - hm. Maybe 'casual dating' is more serious, though? Like, we're dating but it's not a serious thing. Maybe a step up. I'm not sure..

  • I don't think so. Friends with benifits implies sex while casual dating may be just going out for dinners or movies etc ... without the sex.


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