Is he waiting for me to be more persistent and pursue him?

I want to get to know him better. In the beginning he was more persistent so is he waiting on me to be now and to pursue him? He asked me out on the date first and was persistent. Then I asked him to hangout and then I went back to school and we barley talk

There is also distance between us, we are now 3 hours apart. He works a lot


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  • Huge sign of being shy. Once it becomes personal.. It's a different story.

    • He's being shy? So I should keep trying to talk to him first? I want to get to know him better. And what do you mean by it becoming personal?

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    • Also I would have never even considered him or even started to like him if he hadn't asked me out first because we hooked up and slept together months before but I thought nothing of it. I feel he has feelings but just doesn't know where to go? It makes sense that you say he's shy. Even when we hang out at the beginning it pretty awkward

    • Oh, ok!! Way different now that you say you two hooked up. He shouldn't feeling that uncomfortable. But... He could be just that shy!.

      Or he is a total jerk and is trying to see what he can get without getting too involved. But I honestly can't give a direct answer To this now. Because honestly I don't know. the answer to this with the newest variable.

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  • If he's stopped talking to you as often then he is busy or he's lost interest.

  • You could try and see what happens.

  • I feel like he wants you to be persistent, which I get some guys like it when a girl persues him because it shows him that you're really into him and care.

  • Busy or lost interest... I think some guys just like the chase...