I'm Always late? what can I do?

late for everything, appointments, job, internships and i even got fired for being late, i almost got fired at my internship too, i keep saying im going to change but i keep running late! its horrible, even school! im 22 year old, adult enough to know to be on time, whats wrong with me, i tried everything but i keep snoozing and lying in my bed. i even flake out on dates because im too tired or lazy to go or im running out of time


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  • You sound like my last girlfriend she got fired to when she was always late. Well for one go to bed early so you can get 8 hours of sleep and set your alarm clock and don't keep hitting the snooze button on it


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  • Take a shower and pick out your outfit the night/day before then set your alarm like an hour or two before it goes off. It should give you enough time to wake up. I'm bad with alarm clocks myself. So I know how you feel lol

    • tried that too... doesn't work, for some reason i can't bother to pick up outfits the night before i rather watch a movie, i know its horrible not even funny

    • Yeah I know the feeling. I'm always like I'll do this in 5 minutes... 10 hours later *still doing the same stuff*

  • Hahaha I couldn't help but laugh at this, this is me in a nutshell. Fuck.