Is it too much or too forward to ask him to hangout on valentines day?

We have been on two dates. He asked me out the first time and was very persistent. He told me he had lots of fun so I asked him to hangout. I saw him 3 weeks ago at my friends party and we were together all night kissing and hooked up. We also hooked up and slept together before he even asked me out. We went out on our dates when I was home for break and now Im back at school so we talk less. Everytime we talk Im the one who usually talks to him first but he always responds and keeps the convo going. Im going to be home for 2 days and I want to ask him to hangout Valentine's day? Is it too much? I want to continue to hangout and get to know him, Im starting to like him. I don't want to put any pressure just get to know him and see where things go. Will me asking to hangout Valentine's day put too much pressure and make me come off as clingy?


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  • If your home for 2 days maybe tell him that but just say something casual and it doesn't need to be on Valentine's day, like "Hey, I'm coming home this weekend! I'm pretty busy but it would be nice to see your face ;)"

  • You slept with him quick lol, do you expect romance when you give it up already. Let him initiate if he likes you, he will see you