He nearly kissed me?

So my guy friend and I were hanging out (He likes another girl) and suddenly he pinned me to a wall and he put his face in front of mine with our noses touching. I was too shocked to do anything. Then a guy came and said "ooh, _____ you gonna kiss her?" and then he retreated and said "no, ew". Why did he do that?


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  • He seriously said "ew, no"? You two in 6th grade or somethin?

    In any case he probably likes you but sadly he also probably values his reputation more.

    • Agreed this guy ain't worth the hassle in my opinion

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    • If he says he doesn't want to kiss you simply because his friend made a comment than he isn't worth your time. You deserve a man with integrity.

    • yeah, you're right, thanks :)

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  • Apparently because he's a weird a$$ mofo... Or maybe he just lacks confidence... And how do you know he likes someone other than you? Not saying you do or don't I'm just curious as per the info you're going off of

    • He told me lol

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    • yeah, I guess so, thanks :)

    • Np and regardless of what you decide make sure you make decisions you can be proud of!!! :) also not to nag but a decision on most helpful is always a good idea for this site

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  • I'm jealous! He probably does like you but is too scared its not gonna work out or he's gonna get made fun of. Maybe next time he initiates something make sure you respond to let hm know you're into it. So like if he tries to do that again, close the gap.