Question for the ladies. How many times do you meet a decent guy?

I always wonder about this. Girls always tell me that all the guys just want to have sex with them. But I see them reject guys that are genuinely interested in them. They still think they are players but as a guy I know they are not.

So my question to the ladies is out of all the guys you meet how often do you meet a guy that has genuine interest in you and is not a player. This does not have to mean you are actually attracted to him or interested in him. You just have to feel that he wants you for you and not just your body.

Can you tell this in number or percentages?


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  • They aren't as uncommon as some women make them seem but you do meet them less often than the ones who just want sex. I don't know probably met 2-3 this year (I'm gonna group 2014 in too. I know it's not technically this year but it's only February)

    I probably could hsvd met more

    • Could have met more. But I was burying myself in my career and when I did go out I was partying in ratchet clubs with guys who weren't bf material.

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  • I'd say 1/15 guys I meet are genuine. That's a pretty low number, hopefully it increases as I get older

    • wow the more I read the more I can see that there are a lot of assholes out there.

  • I met them but they were married. Two actually!

  • Not that often, but maybe once a week!


What Guys Said 1

  • Wrong question.

    "Decent + Attractive?"

    Right question.