Asking a girl out?

do guys still ask girls to be their girlfriend? I've never been asked to be someones gf we just both assumed we where since we kissed nd hanged out a lot


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  • I was just about to ask a question like that. it changes when out of high school doesn't it. lol

    • well i didn't have a bf in hs but still i would have liked it if my current bf would have asked me

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    • my bf always says we are dating but again he never asked me i guess its just how it is now a days

    • thats how it is sister.


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  • I usually just make love with a girl to start things off, then if I'm into her, start doing more couple-like things and gradually let her integrate into my life. Asking "will you be my girlfriend?" strikes me as a little silly and ineffective.

  • It can sound kind of juvenile and childish when you get older, and every girl is different. Asking officially if your boyfriend/girlfriend when you already have the girl just sounds corny.

  • Well I don't, but then... my situation is rather unique haha

    • how so are u in a friends with benefits

    • No haha definitely not.
      By unique I'm referring to the fact that I live in a small village in alaska with about 5 girls around my age, and the girl I actually like lives in another village.
      It's all kinda complicated, but suffice to say, I don't get many opportunities for romance.

    • oh i understand

  • Some do, some don't. I would think he would want to know, and you would too butttt, why do labels matter anyway?


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