Help! My crush is taller than me?

I usually want guys/girls shorter than me. I adore short, cute guys and they make me feel comfortable around them. Also, I don't have to look up to them when I talk because my neck will hurt. I even considered dating a guy that was 2-3 feet shorter than me.

However, my crush is 6 ft 7 and I am 5 ft 8. I think this is really intimidating. Also, aren't tall guys PERVERTS? I never met a guy that was short and perverted. So that kinda correlates.

I wish people would stop being so rude here. I'm new here and I am not sure exactly what etiquette I am breaking here.


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  • It sounds like you may feel intimidated by taller men. That makes sense I guess. Some of us tall guys will try and make you feel comfortable as well though. I'm tall and the opposite of a pervert. I obviously pursue a shorter guy if his height really bothers you.

    • Thank you for your kind advice. I don't really know why I feel intimidated by tall guys (6ft +), and vulnerable. I feel that I am short. And I should do whatever is comfortable, but one user here gave me really good advice. She said I should stop using height to determine whether they have a chance or not. I'm just like one of those girls who reject guys because they are short and not give them a chance.

    • I'm 6' and I don't think you're short. For a girl you're pretty tall actually. My advice would be to not stereotype us by our height. The reason I say that is because we aren't more perverted than shorter guys. It's possible taller guys tend to be more arrogant. I don't see myself as arrogant though personally. There's nothing wrong with preferring short men though. I think it's great to pursue your preferences. That's what I do! :D You might as well enjoy life including your preferences.


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  • Spotted another troll.

    • Ha. Nice try. I'm not a troll. 6 ft 7 and a 5 ft 8 girl looks weird in my own opinion. I want to know if this is true.

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    • Wrong, it's a shot in the dark as I've already highlighted, it's essentially the same as no thesis in argumentative value. Difference is, I never claimed to have presented a 'strong' thesis whereas you did. You fail again, this is too easy.

    • "You didn't have a thesis and backup proof, so hence your comment is invalid." - You
      "I could say the same for you. Hypocrite." - Me

      Notice how I didn't specify what I was criticizing, is that too hard to understand? Try again.

  • This is not worthy of an answer.

  • A lot of us have been here for a while and are tired of face palming regardless of whos asking and what the question is.
    I've seen extremely nice people turn pretty blunt over time.

    • People may not find it normal that I love giving short guys a chance, but I was just shallow someone here told me not to judge on their height. I am no better than girls who don't give short guys a chance. Perhaps, I should have worded the question: When is the height difference too much?

    • It's too much when you feel it's too much. It shouldn't matter I've dated shorter and a girl that was quite a bit taller than me.

  • What exactly is the outcome advice that is gonna come out here? You can't change his height... Cut off a several inches of his leg? lol.

    • I want to know if tall guys are generally perverts or if that varies. And is the height difference going to be weird for the general public?

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    • who is your crush now?

    • Some guy I met who is also a student pilot.

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  • Wow you are misinformed. I come from a farming community with hay and Apple's. I can say here, everyone is completely different. People are coming in with corperations so more 'city slicks' are coming in, but never have I seen any relationship with height and behavior. This is very rude to assume. Ever heard that? Don't assume: it makes an ASS out of U and ME. I have met some extremely sweet tall guys. One of my friends is seven foot, he jokes because me him and his brother have known each other for a long time. He is 22 his brother is 17 I am 16. He may joke, but he is as straight, and sweet as they come. I currently like a guy, first guy I have ever liked pretty much, and he is taller than me. I just don't see how you can conclude something so rude, without getting to know the person, it is just plain stupid.

    • Ah, I see. I should stop using height as a deciding factor. I used that because before, my mom keeps telling me to find a tall guy and I am abnormal and even strange to look for short guy. I got sick of that and I wanted to prove her wrong that short guys are incapable. I wanted to bring a short guy home and show her how amazing they can also be. It's really sad that how so many girls don't give short guys a chance. But I realized I am no better than these girls if I leave tall guys out of the equations and not giving them a chance.

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    • I am smart at sixteen, because I fill the time I could be hanging with friends or with family or dating with studying. I have nothing to look forward to, so I fill the voids of my depression with studying. It just takes certain life experiences to determine how you will be. Sorry if I am skipping around, I don't see you messages untill after I have types again

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  • there's no possible way of knowing if a guy is a pervert or not based on his height. as a short girl myself, in high school i was intimidated by the taller guys. but in uni when i became more confident, and interacted with more guys in general, i realized that a lot of the tall guys are really sweet. but i in general haven't been around guys who hurt me emotionally or physically. but my friend has. so it just depends on the individual people :) but just know that people's personalities aren't defined by their heights. Some tall guys can be sweethearts while some can be jerks. everyone's different. and i know you feel intimidated by them, but i suggest you try to interact with tall people in general. this will give you a good perspective of who they are as individuals. and i don't think height difference will ruin the relationship until you make height your problem. if you stop worrying so much about the height difference, it won't ruin your relationship

    • Thank you so much for the reply. A lot of people here put me down to make themselves feel better, and I don't think I should argue with them anymore. They're putting down someone who has had suicidal thought sdown, so that makes them strong and make them look smartass. Hell yes.

      But you made me realize height is indeed not everything at all. I should stop generalizing. I know some people dislike me assuming and generalizing stuff, but they couldn't resort to lowly tactics such as telling me to shut up, or that I am a troll without reasoning.

    • Yea no problem. I'm sorry you have suicidal thoughts. But know there are people out there who love you and need you in their lives. Stay strong and move forward in life and you will see how beautiful life can be :) I hope everything turns out good in your relationship with your crush :)

  • Height has no relevance to how "perverted" someone is. Having a preference is normal, but I don't think that should be a deciding factor in whether you give them a chance or not.

    • Thank you for answering the question. I really appreciate it. However, it's more handy to like someone who you didn't have to lift your head to look up at. It can get incredibly tiring.

      And is 6ft 7 and 5ft 8 a big height difference to you?

    • I don't think the height difference is too big. I don't really think having to look up to see your partner's face is particularly difficult.

  • The whole tall guys are perverts and short guys aren't is false (generalization has got to end). It depends on the guy. And it might be intimidating, but could be fun. Try something different for a change. Put on a pair of heels.

    • Thank you for answering my question. Yes, he says I can wear heels comfortably without issues in the public! However, is the height difference strange? Too much?

    • You're welcome. And no, I don't see it as strange or too much. My sister is 5'-nothing and her hubby is 6'(something) and to me it looks normal.

    • Oh, I see. That's cute though, and how it actually works out. Glad to see it :)

  • You serious right now?

    • I am serious. He did admit to doing stuff to my photos. And usually, out of all the tall guys I met, they were slightly more perverted. I want to find out if this is true. Is it because tall guys have slightly more testosterone than shorter men?

    • No, stop generalizing.

  • Oh just shut up!