Can anyone help me get over the fear to talk to a girl because I see a lot of hot girls but can talk to them can anybody help?

just need help because it makes me feel bad that i can't talk to pretty girls.


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  • Fears is an illusion, it doesn't exist you created it. You can talk to girls but you are allowing your fear to override that. I have learned to talk to people with a friend funny, gently but not overpowering. Than let the relationship evolve as it is meant to.

    Girls like it when guys muster up the confidence to go up and randomly talk to them and find it as a complement. Just put yourself out there and do not let fear hold you back.

    I liked a guy (currently my significant other) and just randomly started talking to him in high school and now I've been together with him for over 3 years. I was fearless and knew that "hey if he doesn't seem interested it is his loss."

    You need to love yourself, accept where you are in life and do not judge yourself as harshly as you do, this is holding you back. If one learns to love themselves more they are then able to put themselves out there and be fearless. When you are fearless you have nothing to loose, if she doesn't talk to you back than move on and know everything happens for a reason.


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  • I'm going through EXACTLY exact same thing right now (with a guy though) but someone told me before that it only takes 20 seconds of courage.
    Say hey and ask her about something. Like if she wears headphones, ask what kind of music she listens to. If you accidentaly hear her talking about something, talk to her about it and try to make common ground! (Obviously don't stop her in the middle of his conversation though lol). Especially if it's something you know/ care to find out about because if you don't then you don't come across as sincere or interested.

    You're probably reading this like it's another cliche answer and it's not that easy but I'm telling you it is. Even if it takes you a couple of days just force out a "hi" and a smile. The best thing to remember is she's only human too.
    Hopefully that helped!

  • Just show them your sexy abs.

  • Tell yourself that most pretty girls are actually waiting to be approached, they can be shy and insecure too. They are not perfect, they just have a pretty face. Dont let that stop you !


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